Tibby and Josie are in the dicey business of recovering stolen aircraft. When they snatch a plane and find a seven year old girl asleep in the aircraft, they’re shocked. When they also find $750K, they’re suspicious. When they discover that it all belongs to Roberto Ortega, a notorious drug lord, full blown panic sets in.

Fearing his precious Esmeralda was kidnapped, Señor Ortega is out for revenge. Tibby and Josie know that they have to return the child, but after lifting his plane, Ortega isn’t going to welcome them with open arms. The FBI discovers that Tibby is looking for Ortega. Assuming that he’s running drugs, they go after him. While trying to return the child to her family, Tibby and Josie manage to stay one step ahead of the Feds and the money-hungry thugs who are after the reward money. In the end, however, they fight to survive when their plane goes down in a deadly Caribbean Splash!



Because they’re in the risky business of recovering stolen aircraft, Gabriel Thibodeaux and Josie Blaine are no strangers to violence. When they’re hired by the US Government to bring a plane back from Russia, it sounds easy.

Then they find out that the plane is sitting on a Russian Air Force base. OK, Tibby and Josie decide that they can deal with that. However, they’re barely airborne when they discover that they’ve been duped into smuggling out a political assassin. The next bombshell is they’ve been framed for a major act of sabotage at the Russian air base.

With their pictures plastered all over European television, our duo has to escape eastern Europe, while eluding the FBI and a Turkish hit squad. The chase involves trains, planes, boats, furniture vans and a fuel truck that almost kills the “assassin chick”, whom they need alive. She’s their only means of avoiding lifetime incarceration in a Russian prison.



Non-stop action, compelling intrigue and a touch of romance – that’s The Target.

Someone is stealing military jets, leaving behind no trace of plane or pilot. As a field agent for the International Bureau of Investigation, Loretta Goldberg is sent to investigate. She uncovers the ingenious method used to steal the jets, then finds out that she’s only digging up what the criminal masterminds want her to find.

Knowing the stolen jets will  be used for a hostile act, Loretta breaks all the rules. This puts her at odds with bureau management, who think the target is Air Force One. Loretta knows better and calls in a former agent and part-time lover to help her crack the case. Together they buck the system, against a decreasing time element, to take down an enemy syndicate that is bent on capturing—The Target.


THE BOXCAR BLUES - A coming of age novel set in the Great Depression.

Luke and Curly depend on each other as they are pursued by a racist deputy in the lawlessness of the early 1930s.  Relying on their road smarts and tempered-steel toughness, they survive a near hanging, a phony murder charge and tragic lost love in the depths of the depression.

In spite of all their problems, however, the boys persevere. You have to read this to find out how Luke and Curly rise from vagrants to become owners of one of the nation’s leading airlines. Then, when they think their bad times are behind them, an old nemesis shows up, but he doesn’t count on the shrewd resourcefulness of two men who’ve been hardened by life’s brutality.



A fast moving thriller about a kidnapping in the deadly Amazon River basin.

Luke Jackson, his wife and four year old son fly to Brazil to lay the groundwork for Aztec Airline’s international expansion. Luke returns to the hotel after a meeting and makes a horrific discovery—his wife and son have been kidnapped.

He contacts the local police, only to find out they don’t really care about the foreigner’s family. He turns to a private detective, who agrees to help him—until the P.I. is found murdered.

Luke enlists more help, but can they get to his family? The kidnappers lead them on a thousand mile chase down the Amazon; a river filled with all kinds of danger. During their journey: The ransom money gets stolen...

A boat gets stranded…

Luke is arrested...

A second man gets murdered...

And this is just the beginning!!