Jeff2.jpgI was born and raised in Batavia, Illinois, a small town that straddles the Fox River, 30 miles west of Chicago. After our high school graduation, a friend and I found our lives looking pretty bleak. We were thinking that this would be a great time to head for Colorado, but we were also broke. This meant the only way we could leave town was by hopping a freight train. So we jumped aboard a boxcar and headed west. Eventually this youthful adventure blossomed into my first historical novel, THE BOXCAR BLUES.


I joined the Marine Corps at the age of eighteen and entered the fabulous world of aviation. Serving with the Second Marine Air Wing in Vietnam I was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal with a Combat V. Following my service I joined the FAA and spent nine years as an air traffic controller at O’Hare Field, the world’s busiest airport. After O’Hare I spent the next twenty years at various other airports. Now you know why most of my novels have an aviation based theme in them.


I’ve written an eclectic assortment of novels. My historical books are THE BOXCAR BLUES and THE BRAZILIAN BLUES. CARIBBEAN SPLASH and ESCAPE are about Tibby and Josie who are in the risky business of recovering stolen aircraft. TOUGH LOVE has a romantic element that is wrapped in a thriller/adventure plot.


My next book will be my first non-fiction work. INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER is an early history of the US airlines. This is an incredibly comprehensive look at the fascinating world of fledgling aviation and the struggles involved in starting an airline when most people were afraid of flying.